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Research by Colorado School of Mines faculty on the behavior of chains of colloidal molecules is headed to the International Space Station on a SpaceX flight scheduled for Dec. 4.Professor David Marr
Lockheed Martin and Colorado School of Mines have partnered in a unique opportunity for software engineering students. The Lockheed Martin Software Academy, which just completed the pilot program
A Colorado School of Mines team headed by Physics Professors Lawrence Wiencke and Fred Sarazin has been awarded NASA funding to fly a second long-duration balloon mission to test innovative optical
Astronaut Al Worden, one of only 24 humans to fly to the moon, will recount his experience as the Apollo 15 command module pilot during a public lecture Oct. 23 at Colorado School of Mines.Worden flew
Astronomers and astrophysicists worldwide are celebrating a landmark discovery: For the first time, scientists have not only detected gravitational waves – ripples in space-time – from the collision
A graduate student at Colorado School of Mines has been awarded a NASA research fellowship to study the use of electrochemical technology to convert the carbon dioxide found in Mars’ atmosphere into
It’s always sunny in space, and the feasibility of harnessing space-based solar power for use on Earth and beyond is the subject of a newly funded research project coming out of Colorado School of
A Colorado School of Mines professor was among the experts who testified before a U.S. House of Representatives committee about private sector exploration of the moon.George Sowers, professor of
Colorado School of Mines could soon be preparing the next generation of scientists and engineers to responsibly explore, extract and use resources not only on Earth but also on the Moon, Mars
Alyssa Boll has loved space since she was young.Her father, a computer scientist and amateur astronomer, made his own telescopes and was always teaching her and her sister the names of the celestial