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In the basement of Alderson Hall, in a lab painted butter yellow and crimson with soaring, utilitarian square concrete pillars, amongst a hodgepodge of machine room detritus and laboratory equipment,
GOLDEN, Colo., June 20, 2012 – Colorado School of Mines has launched a mobile website and free downloadable apps for the iPhone and Android phones. The mobile site can be accessed via smartphones at m
This is a story of humans and hardware. What happened when professors, tops in their different fields of energy research, gained campus access to a world-class supercomputer? The story began four
GOLDEN, Colo., June 19, 2012 – Dr. Fernando Guzman has joined the Colorado School of Mines community as executive director of the school’s Multicultural Engineering Program (MEP). Guzman has a
Colorado School of Mines is leading the way in engineering education and research. This video, featured on ASEE TV during the American Society for Engineering Education’s annual conference in June
Retired as a vice admiral after a Navy career of 30 years, Richard Truly can speak about leadership from a remarkable perspective. He began his career after earning a degree in aerospace engineering
GOLDEN, Colo., June 5, 2012 – The Space Resources Roundtable, Inc. and the Planetary & Terrestrial Mining Sciences Symposium in collaboration with Colorado School of Mines and the Lunar and Planetary
GOLDEN, Colo., May 30, 2012 – A Colorado School of Mines research project focused on reducing the risk of environmental and operational safety problems associated with hydrate blockages forming in
While on campus prior to the spring 2012 commencement (at which he delivered the keynote address ) Dr. Craig Barrett, retired chief executive officer and chairman of the board of Intel Corporation,
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla., May 18, 2012 – Colorado School of Mines will compete against U.S. and international undergraduate and graduate student teams in the third annual Lunabotics Mining Competition.