In an effort to develop energy self-reliance for mining operations, Colorado School of Mines Mining Engineering Professor Masami Nakagawa is leading a feasibility study for solar-wind hybrid power
A new, permanent refuge chamber for Colorado School of Mines’ Edgar Experimental Mine is the latest in mine safety rescue technology and training.The MineARC Refuge Chamber is capable of sustaining as
Embedded video fromNASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory California Institute of TechnologyTwin NASA probes orbiting the moon have generated the highest resolution gravity field map of any celestial body.The
George Saunders ’81 earned a degree in geophysics from Mines, but it turned out he was more interested in probing human culture and society with words than revealing the Earth’s subsurface with
A 1976 alumnus has contributed $5 million to Colorado School of Mines to support the university’s Underground Construction and Tunneling Program and to provide scholarships for undergraduate students
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Exploration geologists can devote entire careers to searching for undiscovered mineral deposits without ever chalking up a find. But for those who do, it’s tremendously rewarding, and many go on to
A smile sets in on Dr. Ramona Graves’ face as she gazes through the soaring panels of glass in the nearly finished lobby of Marquez Hall, the smell of fresh paint permeating as an electric saw whines
In 2001 NASA sent its Opportunity rover to Mars in search of evidence for water in the planet's past. The mission was successful, finding rocks containing salt that formed in a watery environment
The town of Pagosa Springs, Colo., depends on geothermal resources for tourism as well as a source of renewable energy -- a recent study by Colorado School of Mines’ geophysics students will aid