The new Miss Colorado will be crowned July 14, but you can see the sapphire peaks and 14K-gold plains in this stunning piece of Colorado history year-round at the Mines Museum of Earth Science.
As University Librarian, Maness will oversee Arthur Lakes Library and the Mines Museum of Earth Science, providing leadership and vision for advancing the library’s role in supporting research, teaching and learning across campus.
Mooney was honored for his work on Northeast Boundary Tunnel in Washington, D.C.
Bill Zisch, J. Steven Whisler Head of Mining Engineering at Mines, spoke on a new vision for mining in the future.
Geophysics' Bia Villas Bôas is part of a $9 million Office of Naval Research project to enhance our predictive capabilities of extreme weather events.
Geophysics' Bia Villas Bôas and Matthew Siegfried are members of two proposed missions to improve understanding of key Earth science focus areas for the benefit of all.
Mines hydrologist Adrienne Marshall was the lead author on the new study published today in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
A team of Colorado School of Mines students won the women’s division of the 2024 International Mining Games hosted at Montana Technological University.
A Colorado School of Mines researcher recently spent almost two weeks surveying cone-shaped hills along the Arctic Ocean in Canada to see what they can tell us about other planets.
The Mining Engineering Department has some big goals for the next five to 10 years to continue 150 years of university-industry synergy.