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More than 30 universities gathered during the Society of Petroleum Engineers' Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in San Antonio, Texas, Oct. 8-10. At the conference the universities competed
Take raw sewage flowing from a major apartment complex. Send it through a 2 millimeter screen. Let a flora of microorganisms feast on it for a while. Filter it – this time through pores just 50
Check out this video of a robotics project created by a Mines graduate student last semester in the Mechanical Engineering Department: “The project assignment was open-ended and the main requirement
Colorado School of Mines is leading the way in engineering education and research. This video, featured on ASEE TV during the American Society for Engineering Education’s annual conference in June
Retired as a vice admiral after a Navy career of 30 years, Richard Truly can speak about leadership from a remarkable perspective. He began his career after earning a degree in aerospace engineering