Colorado School of Mines geophysical engineering student Bradley Wilson does more than study earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. As an avid photographer, he enjoys finding ways to apply scientific
Graduate students Travis Brown (Hydrology) and Kamran Bakhsh (Mining Engineering) received first place as the winning team in the 2014 Geothermal Case Study Challenge, sponsored by the Energy
Colorado School of Mines Geophysics Associate Professor Jeff Andrews-Hanna is the lead author of a study documenting the discovery of a giant rectangular structure (roughly 1,600 miles across) on the
The Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum has been working on restoring six murals dating back to the 1930s, after the museum suffered ceiling damage from heavy rains in Sept. 2013. Museum director
This story appears in the 2014-15 issue of Mines' research magazine, "Energy & the Earth."For those of us residing on the planet’s surface, the term “shale” evokes visions of flaking layers of rock
This story appears in the Spring 2014 issue of Mines magazine.Are Women the Mining Industry’s Most Underdeveloped Resource?Once legally barred from working in mines, women have spent decades battling
Geophysical engineering student Austin Bistline details his experiences during the two-week Geophysics Field Camp in Pagosa Springs, CO.Monday, May 12Today we gathered at Mines campus to leave for
Geology and geological engineering graduate student Elena Finley is one of 1,058 applicants still in the running for the Mars One project. The project aims to establish a permanent human settlement on
Only one Miss America crown is as unique as the one on display at the Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum. The tiara, which contains several different gemstones, was worn by Miss Colorado for the