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Pig Patrol, a team of seven mechanical engineering seniors at Colorado School of Mines, received first place in the College of Engineering and Computational Sciences Fall Senior Design Trade Fair on
The Colorado School of Mines Robotics Club is working on a variety of projects, ranging from autonomous vehicle competitions to robotics competitions for NASA.Natalie Kalin is the vice president of
Colorado School of Mines underground classroom, the Edgar Experimental Mine. Photo: Agata BuguckaWhile the U.S. continues to look for new energy sources, our reliance on mining for rare minerals grows
On Wednesday, September 14, the White House will host a summit on Computer Science for All, marking progress on expanding computer science (CS) education and celebrating new commitments in support of
A multidisciplinary team, led by the Ben L. Fryrear Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Tzahi Cath, has received a $1 million award from the National Science Foundation to develop an
“How is it possible that my high school doesn’t have a computer science teacher?” asked James Moore, a recent graduate of Bell Middle School in Golden, Colorado. “I heard great things about the
The College of Engineering and Computational Sciences hosted their annual Senior Design Trade Fair on April 28 at Lockridge Arena. Thirty-nine interdisciplinary teams presented their year-long
Colorado School of Mines Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Associate Professor Kathryn Johnson. (Photo Credit: Deirdre Keating)Graphic of the collapsing rotors wind turbine. (Illustration by
Consider the top 30 innovations in the last 30 years, and Tracy Camp will tell you that none of them would have happened without computer science. “Think of what computer science has done for our
Imagining cookie crumbs as dirt and gummy worms as organic matter, Colorado School of Mines students introduced elementary school students to the concept of oil and gas formation in one of several