Could 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, solve the difficulty of finding replacement parts for nation's aging nuclear plants?
A dozen Colorado School of Mines graduate students visited state legislators to advocate for nuclear energy as a continued option for the state. Jarrod Gogolski, a PhD student in the nuclear science
Colorado School of Mines is combining its strengths in nuclear engineering and additive manufacturing in a research project to determine how 3D-printed metals perform in a reactor. Metallurgical and
Colorado School of Mines Assistant Professor of Physics Kyle Leach and Physics PhD student Connor Natzke were among nearly 100 nuclear physicists advocating for federal nuclear science research
Colorado School of Mines Physics Assistant Professor Kyle Leach has been awarded $180,000 as part of an effort to answer fundamental questions about the structure of nuclei and the interactions that
The CoorsTek Center for Applied Science and Engineering at Colorado School of Mines will welcome its first students in January 2018, a significant milestone in a multigenerational partnership between
On March 10, 2017, more than 60 prospective graduate students participated in the Colorado School of Mines College of Applied Science and Engineering 2017 CASE Recruitment Day. The prospective
Jarrod Gogolski, a graduate chemistry student, works on a project in the radiochemistry lab. (Photo by Leah Pinkus) You could call them the neglected stepchildren of the periodic table. Stretching
AMAX Distinguished Chair and Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Tissa Illangasekare was named a member of the Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board by U.S. President Barack Obama on
A unique collaboration between a synthetic chemist and a nuclear physicist at Colorado School of Mines has been awarded $1.5 million over five years by the Department of Homeland Security to develop