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Noah Mostow: "I am currently working on a consulting project with a Fortune 500 company..."

Akron, Ohio
Advanced Manufacturing
Noah Mostow

Why did you choose to come to Mines? What have you enjoyed most about being here?

I chose to go to Mines because of the caliber of the university, the new advanced manufacturing program and the location.

Tell us about something you're working on right now that you find exciting, fulfilling or challenging.

I am currently working on a consulting project with a Fortune 500 company that is researching the growth of the additive manufacturing industry.

What communities, groups or organizations—on- and off-campus—are important to you and why?

I earned my master's in one year during COVID, so I didn't get the chance to participate in many activities.

What are your plans for the future? What's your dream job?

I currently work in my dream job. I get to wake up every day to learn about what new is happening in the 3D printing community and to help organizations grow. I am getting published in large and small magazines, and with in-person events beginning, I will begin presenting on exciting new topics.

What would you tell someone interested in joining your academic program or Mines in general?

1) Take advantage of the professors and get to know them well. 2) Look to be able to tell a story from your time at Mines. Even though you may not be able to say you solved the world's problems, you want to have a great story to tell during an interview. People in the engineering community know Mines, use it to your advantage.

What's your favorite thing to do outside of class and coursework? How do you unwind, manage stress, find fulfillment, etc.?

Summer: mountain bike North Table or Chimney Gulch. Winter: tour Berthoud pass.


Mines Staff

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