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In the field with Civil & Environmental Engineering's Terri Hogue

Terri Hogue, professor of civil and environmental engineering and Dean of Energy and Society Programs, and two graduate students conducted field work in northern California this summer.
Terri Hogue in the field

Q: You were recently out in the field. Tell us about what you were doing.

Terri Hogue: “[We were at] Sagehen Creek Watershed Experimental Field Station, about eight miles north of Truckee, California. We are surveying channel cross-sections (geomorphology) and also measuring streamflow.”


Terri Hogue in the field

Q: Who is the project for and why is the research important?

Hogue: This is a project funded by the State of California Board of Forestry Effectiveness Monitoring Committee. We are evaluating the effects of varying types of forest treatments (for fire mitigation) on hydrology or streamflow response. For example, is there more or less water if you take out varying amounts of forest cover?

Terri Hogue in the field


Q: Who was helping you in the field?

Hogue: I’m out in the field with two of my graduate students – Kate Boden and Katie Schneider.

Q: What do you enjoy most about field work?

Hogue: Being outside in the natural world and being able to do cool science is really special. Getting in the field helps us better understand physical processes and helps us build better tools and models for decision-making related to water resources in these systems.


Duck with ducklings

Q: We saw the ducklings in your photos!

Hogue: Yes – the ducklings were a treat! Mom and eight ducklings trying to take cover in the late afternoon at one of our sites and we were in the way. Also saw a range of other wildlife, but luckily no bears this trip!


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