AP quotes Mines faculty member on seismic potential of 'fracking'

"The controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing to extract natural gas does not pose a high risk for triggering earthquakes large enough to feel, but other types of energy-related drilling can make the ground noticeably shake, a major government ....
June 15, 2012

Forbes: Mines to work with DOE on deep water drilling safety

"The Department of Energy has selected 13 projects to enhance the environmental safety of deepwater drilling projects, particularly by improving the cement casing process that investigators cited as a cause of BP’s Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf ....
May 29, 2012

CNNMoney features Mines geophysics graduate

Aaron GirardMajored in GeophysicsClass of '07 Colorado School of Mines"The energy industry is just grasping at straws for people with geophysics experience."
May 18, 2012

Fox31 features Mines grad making six-figures right out of school

"David Clark’s life sure has changed. Just about four years ago he was a high school drop-out, making boxes for beer at the Coors brewery in Golden, pulling in about $10 an hour. 'It was really manual labor, it was hard work, and I felt I wasn’t ....
May 16, 2012

Denver Post features an exceptional Mines student athlete, Clay Garcia

"Clay Garcia put up staggering numbers as a college quarterback but got no invitations from NFL teams to attend training camp. That's fine with him. He has other plans. Much bigger plans.The former Colorado School of Mines star is headed to Houston ....
May 4, 2012

Al Jazeera examines French presidential campaign scandal, interviews Mines expert

"Days before French citizens head back to the booths in a run-off vote to elect their new president, the shadow of scandal has returned to the electoral campaign.Médiapart, a Paris-based investigative news site, published a 2006 document [Fr/Ar] on ....
May 4, 2012

Prof. Miskimins talks natural gas on 9News

"Experts are saying we may finally be on the verge of a new dawn in the automotive industry, born of the difficulties caused by the recent surge in fuel prices.At the moment, it's a very quiet revolution. But it could end in the manufacture of tens ....
May 4, 2012

9News features student's mountain top hot tub project

"The hope is that it will soon be the highest working portable hot tub in the United States. Mandy Veronikas told 9NEWS about a project she is working on with some of her friends..."
May 3, 2012

Reuters highlights the high demand for Mines students

"When Travis Howard started his degree at the Colorado School of Mines four years ago he decided to pursue a double major in mechanical engineering and metallurgy to give himself the best chance of landing a high-paying job when he graduated." ...
April 20, 2012

7 News Denver highlights the recent Payscale.com numbers putting Mines at #14 nationally in terms of return on investment

"The Colorado School of Mines has made a national list of schools with the best returns on investment.According to PayScale, Mines ranks No. 14." ...
April 20, 2012

Matt Liberatore's YouTube Fridays was featured in ASEE's Advances in Engineering Education journal

"YouTube Fridays devotes a small fraction of class time to student-selected videos related to the course topic, e.g., thermodynamics. The students then write and solve a homework-like problem based on the events in the video. Three recent pilots ....
April 20, 2012

Jeff Andrews-Hanna was quoted in Nature.com about water on Mars

"The debate began when nineteenth-century Italian astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli thought he saw water-filled canali, or channels, on the red planet: just how wet was Mars? “This is a pendulum that has been swinging back and forth,” says Jeff ....
April 20, 2012