Watch a Spot robot from Boston Dynamics explore an old mine

Researchers at the Colorado School of Mines think Spot could aid search and rescue missions. ... "This is one of the most advanced robots in the world," Hao Zhang tells CNET.
October 9, 2020

Ken Osgood: My students war-gamed a "Trump gets COVID" scenario — in March. It didn't end well.

I wasn't trying to make a prediction, but seven months ago I presented my students with a hypothetical that just might come to pass.
October 5, 2020

Colorado Is Ready for Blast-Off as Home of U.S. Space Command

“There are long travel times for any kinds of ballistic missile attacks,” says George Sowers, a professor at the Colorado School of Mines who has served in high-ranking positions at both Lockheed Martin and Centennial-based United Launch Alliance.
September 29, 2020

The Library as Ballot Box: Voters turn to libraries as nation faces a pandemic, wildfires, and uncertainty with postal service

Arthur Lakes Library at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden has had a ballot box in front of the library for two years. “Students have been very enthusiastic about the opportunity, and it’s been well received,” says University Librarian Carol ....
September 28, 2020

Colorado testing fish in new push to prevent health harm from toxic “forever chemicals”

For fish, state health researchers are teaming with environmental engineers at the Colorado School of Mines.
September 20, 2020

Can Tesla help solve one of the thorniest ethical problems with electric vehicles?

“The sector as a whole is just beginning to look at what the answers are,” said Sara Hastings-Simon, an energy transition researcher at the Colorado School of Mines.
September 10, 2020

Dead rainbow trout floated on the South Platte. Could fish detectives crack the case?

Davenport emailed the Denver Department of Health and Environment and alerted Ashley Rust, a research associate in civil and environmental engineering at the Colorado School of Mines who also advises Revesco, developer of The River Mile, on trout ....
September 10, 2020

Some Colorado temps are increasing at twice the global average, fueling wildfires, scientists say

“We have noticed that there have been some very, very large fires,” said Chris Elvidge, who developed the technology to detect extremely hot temperatures on earth from satellites in space.
September 4, 2020

Record giving at Colorado universities is one pandemic bright spot, but uncertainty looms

“Next year will be the tougher year,” School of Mines President Paul Johnson reiterated. “… If the pandemic has sort of illustrated one thing for people, it’s that the future of higher education is different than it was last year.”
September 4, 2020

Mines makes masked move-in

There was a point when Colorado School of Mines freshman Matthew Micha wasn’t sure if he should come to campus this year. But as he walked around on the morning of Aug. 14 with new friend Oliver Noyes after moving to campus earlier in the week, he ....
August 25, 2020

Catastrophic failures raise alarm about dams containing muddy mine wastes

“The consequences of a failure are getting much bigger,” says Priscilla Nelson, a geotechnical engineer at the Colorado School of Mines.
August 20, 2020

Drivers Should Be ‘Pretty Wary’ Of I-70 In Glenwood Canyon, Even After The Grizzly Creek Fire Is Out

The fire will lead to more rock falls, said Paul Santi, a professor of geology and geological engineering at the Colorado School of Mines. ... “For the next year or two, I’d be pretty wary of driving through there during a rainstorm,” Santi said.
August 20, 2020