Bloomberg Businessweek article "VCs that Back Women Beat Those that don't" features Joy Godesiabois' research

This story is based upon Godesiabois' research and her paper for the SBA.
April 19, 2013

Bloomberg features report on Natural Gas Committee findings

The Potential Gas Agency advises the Potential Gas Committee.
April 9, 2013

The Denver Business Journal reports on Potential Gas Committee report

Cathy Proctor reports: "The amount of natural gas that's technically recoverable in the United States hit a record estimate of 2,384 trillion cubic feet at the end of 2012, according to the Potential Gas Committee, a research panel based at the ....
April 9, 2013

NSF features Mines solar cell research

"Applied Physics Letters reports on NSF-supported research by the Colorado School of Mines that finds efficiency limitations in standard solar cells can be overcome via preventing heat energy loss by using tiny "dots" of material to collect ....
April 3, 2013

Boulder County Business Report features Mines' federal grant

March 27, 2013

Denver Business Journal features $1.2M fed grant for Mines energy efficiency project

This grant is part of a $23.5 million round of DOE grants aimed at helping American manufacturers increase efficiency.
March 26, 2013

"Mining Games Hit CSM" by The Golden Transcript

The Golden Transcript recaps the games.
March 25, 2013

Profs. Jackson, Kee and Berger write Denver Post column on the need for critical research

Mines' mechanical engineering professors discuss how critical university research is to industrially-relevent products -- specifically the troublesome litium-ion batteries powering Boeing's Dreamliner 787 aircraft.
March 22, 2013

The Golden Transcript reports on the mining games

“'It’s going to be huge,' organizer, competitor and CSM graduate student Patty Capistrant said."
March 15, 2013

The Denver Post features the International Intercollegiate Mining Games at Mines

Colorado School of Mines hosted the 35th Annual International Intercollegiate Mining Games March 13-17, 2013.
March 15, 2013

9News turns to Mines professor for Super Bowl power outage story

February 5, 2013

The Denver Post reports on the Undergraduate Women in Physics conference hosted by Mines

Colorado School of Mines is one of the hosts of the eighth annual Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics.
January 18, 2013