The demand for electric vehicles is skyrocketing. Can the supply of lithium and other critical minerals for batteries keep up?

“If you don’t turn over dirt to get lithium out of the ground, you’re probably turning over dirt to get natural gas, or oil, or uranium,” said Ian Lange, an associate professor of economics and business at the Colorado School of Mines. “Nothing is ....
October 4, 2022

Colorado School of Mines learns how to work with moon dust

Lunar regolith, or moon dust, could come in handy for future moon-dwellers. Now, we have to figure out how to move it.
September 29, 2022

Europe vows ‘robust’ response to alleged sabotage of Russian gas pipelines

“If it is found to be Russian underwater drones or divers that made the attack, I am not clear on what, if any, military action might look like,” said Morgan Bazilian, a public policy professor at the Colorado School of Mines and former energy ....
September 29, 2022

Russia Is Keeping Unsold Gas Underground Rather Than Flaring It

The amount of gas observed being flared -- burned off into the atmosphere -- at Gazprom’s key production area in the Yamal peninsula between Aug. 10 and Sept. 21 averaged 1.18 million cubic meters a day, according to Bloomberg calculations based on ....
September 28, 2022

The Amazing Sound At Red Rocks Is 300 Million Years In The Making

Benjamin Burke, an affiliate professor at the Colorado School of Mines, explains that Red Rocks is essentially an ancient delta — a 300 million-year-old accumulation of sedimentary rock that once belonged to what’s known as the ancestral Rockies.
September 28, 2022

Opinion: Colorado must move quickly to keep pace on carbon capture

Anna Littlefield, Brad Handler and Morgan Bazilian of the Payne Institute for Public Policy wrote this opinion piece about the importance of promoting safe and secure injection of carbon dioxide and Colorado's role in the effort.
September 28, 2022

A Major Test For Mass Timber

More than 50 increasingly intense seismic tests will be conducted on the building, said Shiling Pei, lead principal investigator for NHERI's Tall Wood Project.
September 23, 2022

How a clean energy future is colliding with mining’s dark past

“It’s very hard to open up a mine in the United States. No one wants a mine in their backyard,” said Jordy Lee, a program manager at the Payne Institute for Public Policy at the Colorado School of Mines.
September 22, 2022

The Inflation Reduction Act Is the Start of Reclaiming Critical Mineral Chains

Morgan Bazilian, director of the Payne Institute for Public Policy, co-wrote this opinion piece about the importance of the IRA's commitment to increasing the domestic U.S. supply of critical minerals.
September 16, 2022

Colorado colleges team up to help manufacturing businesses cut costs and emissions

The Colorado School of Mines and Red Rocks Community College are offering the energy assessments through the Rocky Mountain Industrial Assessment Center, which was funded last year as part of a $60 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy.
September 15, 2022

EU official unveils proposals to address energy crisis amid Ukraine war

“As a proposal, it is not a done deal, and I imagine there will be pushback on some aspects — especially the idea to tap producer profits,” Morgan Bazilian, a public policy professor who previously served as an energy specialist at the World Bank ....
September 14, 2022

Podcast: Lithium mining’s water use sparks bitter conflicts and novel chemistry

In this "Stereo Chemistry" episode, Jessica Smith, an anthropologist and professor of engineering, design and society at Colorado School of Mines, discusses how mining companies are often focused on the question, "How can we produce minerals and ....
September 13, 2022