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Students impress in dress and skills at Fall Career Day

Overhead shot of Fall 2019 Career Day

Recruiters from more than 350 companies and organizations packed into the Student Recreation Center and Steinhauer Fieldhouse for Fall Career Day on Sept. 10.

Here are some of the Mines students who were dressed to impress and on the hunt for internship and job opportunities:

Derek Beaumont headshot

Derek Beaumont

Senior majoring in petroleum engineering (May 2020)

What brings you to Fall Career Day? “I have gone the past couple of years and got great internships out of it, one of which has now led to a full-time job offer. They’ve given me some time to decide, so I was coming to Career Day today to weigh my different options and make sure that I can feel confident in my decision.”

What are your career goals? “Once I start work, I plan to do a part-time MBA, as I would like to be a technical manager. I would like to initially get experience where I get the technical aspects of things and get a strong understanding there, and from there, I can move into a management position.” 

Vanessa Brooke headshot

Vanessa Brooke

Sophomore majoring in civil engineering (May 2022)

What brings you to Fall Career Day? “I’m here to look at some different intern opportunities. I’ve already done a summer internship before with another company, and I really enjoyed it. I want to expand on the different focuses in civil engineering besides what I've already done. My first internship was in structural design for transportation, for bridges. I decided I want to start looking at more architecture, as well, to see if maybe I want to go into that discipline.”

What are your career goals? “I’m still a sophomore but I really just want to get a good job and be able to have enough money to settle down and have a family. I really hope to enjoy the people I work with and be able to go out into the field, as well as sit down and just do physics and math.”

Raymundo Corona headshot

Raymundo Corona

Sophomore majoring in electrical engineering (May 2022)

What brings you to Fall Career Day? “I'm interested in learning more about my field. I’m interested in technology, I’m interested in computers and I like messing with 3D printing and all that stuff. I’d love to design my own product eventually and create my own business around it. I also want to explore the other side of energy. I don’t just want to go into devices – I want to learn about power and power grids and how to harness power from the Earth itself.” 

What are your career goals? “I want to be to the degree where I can have my own business and I can explore a way of bringing technology to everyone at the same time. I grew up in a rural town in Mexico. Coming here and exploring the United States where opportunities are everywhere and the doors are endless, I want to bring that opportunity, through technology, to other places, places in need.” 

Patrick Keane headshot

Patrick Keane

Senior majoring in mechanical engineering (December 2019)

What brings you to Fall Career Day? “This is a great place to meet people and meet face to face – that’s one of the things I’m striving for, actually talking to someone face to face. I would love to work in almost any field that has to do with mechanical engineering. The [Career Day] Guide is useful to have, so I know specifically, OK, this company is going to be here, I’m going to do some research and talk with them.”

What are your career goals?  “Like most people, find a solid job, make some good money so you can have a family and support them but also feel fulfilled with what I’m doing in life. Helping everybody out, whether it’s the environment or actual people – having that be my end goal.” 

Jeena Shaji headshot

Jeena Shaji

Senior majoring in chemical engineering (December 2019)

What brings you to Fall Career Day? “I’m looking for internships or full-time positions to apply what I’ve learned in my chemical engineering classes out in the real world and gain some experience and knowledge. Chemical engineering is so diverse – you can work in oil and gas to energy to food to pharmaceuticals. I’m really interested in water. In one of my internships, I worked to remove arsenic from water in Bangladesh. We had to develop a home-based water treatment system. A lot of people don’t have access to clean water in our world.”

What are your career goals? “My first goal is to start as an entry-level engineer somewhere. After earning some experience, I do want to go back to grad school, maybe in advanced manufacturing or environmental engineering and then go back and get more experience in the field. If my dreams don’t change, I do want to start my own company for water treatment.”

Emilie Rusch

Emilie Rusch

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