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Mines announces internal appointments for four campus leadership roles

“With the rapid changes to the higher education landscape brought on by COVID-19, it’s even more important than ever to advance our MINES@150 strategic plan."
Guggenheim in Spring 2019

Colorado School of Mines President Paul C. Johnson and Provost Richard Holz announced internal appointments for four campus leadership roles on Monday.

John Bradford will assume the position of Vice President for Global Initiatives, Terri Hogue will take over for Bradford as interim Dean of Earth Resources and Environmental Programs, John Berger will become Associate Provost, and Vibhuti Dave will take on the role of Dean of Undergraduate Studies. All four will begin their new roles July 1, 2020.

“With the rapid changes to the higher education landscape brought on by COVID-19, it’s even more important than ever to advance our MINES@150 strategic plan. To do that, we need great leaders focused on driving our critical initiatives,” Johnson and Holz wrote in an email to campus.

“These internal appointments, along with the recent hire of our new graduate dean, Tim Barbari, put our university in a strong position to meet this challenge and ensure we have the key leadership needed as we move forward,” they said.

Vice President of Global Initiatives

John Bradford, who joined Mines as Geophysics Department Head in 2017 and became Vice Provost of International Initiatives and Dean of Earth Resources and Environmental Programs in 2019, has been named Vice President of Global Initiatives. 

Reporting to the president and serving as a member of the Provost’s Academic Council, Bradford will focus on generating resources that support our core mission, students and strategic initiatives, and be responsible for identifying and developing partnership opportunities that enhance Mines’ global presence and reputation.

Dean of Earth Resource and Environmental Programs

Terri Hogue, head of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, has agreed to serve as Dean of Earth Resource and Environmental Programs on an interim basis. She joined Mines in 2012 and has served as department head since 2018.

As interim dean, Hogue will oversee an academic portfolio that includes Applied Math and Statistics, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Geology and Geological Engineering, Geophysics, Mining Engineering, Petroleum Engineering and the Colorado Geological Survey. An internal search will be conducted this fall to identify a permanent dean.


Associate Provost

John Berger, head of the Mechanical Engineering Department, has been named Associate Provost. He first joined the Mines faculty in 1994 and was appointed department head in 2017. 

As Associate Provost, Berger will lead efforts to advance the academic goals of MINES@150, including the creation of a signature student experience and the development of immersive and distinctive business, entrepreneurship, innovation and professional education programs.

Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Vibhuti Dave, teaching professor of electrical engineering and computer science, has been named Dean of Undergraduate Studies. She has been a member of the Mines faculty since 2011.

Dave will provide leadership and administrative support on all matters pertaining to undergraduate education at Mines, including the CORE curriculum, interdisciplinary majors and minors, policies, curricula, and adjunct course staffing.

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