ExxonMobil funds algal biofuels research collaboration at Colorado School of Mines

GOLDEN, Colo., May 19, 2015 – ExxonMobil and Colorado School of Mines have established a joint research collaboration focused on developing fundamental new insights into photosynthetic processes and carbon fixation in algae. These insights will provide better understandings of the scientific and technical challenges to developing biofuels from algae.

ExxonMobil has committed up to $1 million during the span of two years to further research led by Mines Chemistry and Geochemistry Associate Professor Matthew Posewitz that will contribute to the long-term development of the next generation of sustainable algal biofuel technologies.

Posewitz, who has been studying algal biofuels for 13 years, said this funding will allow his research team to expand their research focus.

“We think algal biofuels have a ton of potential. It is certainly a plausible, sustainable technology,” he said. “This project will definitely open up some new doors for us.”

ExxonMobil researchers will work closely with Posewitz’s team and will have a high level of involvement with the research.

“We expect the collaboration between ExxonMobil and The Colorado School of Mines to shape the research and the interpretation of the results in a way that provides valuable new information toward solving tough technical challenges,” said Mike Kerby, manager of Corporate Strategic Research at ExxonMobil.  “That is why we partner with universities and leading researchers across the world in cutting edge scientific fields like next generation biofuels.”


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