GOLDEN, Colo., Jan. 26, 2016 -- The Reservoir Characterization Project (RCP), an industry-funded academic consortium at Colorado School of Mines with a primary focus on applied research in integrated reservoir characterization, recently turned 30.

The RCP’s unique research model emphasizes a multidisciplinary, collaborative team approach, working closely with industry partners to explore new technologies and workflows.

"RCP has long been a flagship consortium for the Department of Geophysics, the College of Earth Resource Science and Engineering and Mines. Graduates from this program can be found in leading positions in industry and and governments around the globe," said Geophysics Department Head Terry Young. 

RCP was the recipient of a Society of Exploration Geophysicists Distinguished Achievement award in 2014. The citation read: "As a long-term advocate of reservoir characterization and a champion for multi- component time-lapse seismology, the Reservoir Characterization Project has advanced the science of geophysics and has influenced its practice in the oil and gas industry."

A reception was held at the Golden Hotel for RCP faculty, staff, students, and industry sponsors last November. Festivities included the premiere of a video honoring both the center, and Tom Davis, its founder. Having been with the center for three decades, Davis is still eager to see the future of the program evolve.

"Geologists would say that the past is the key to the future. The future is what I prefer to think about. We see the future of education and research here at Mines as earth, energy and the environment. We have a job to do and that is to find and develop the energy for tomorrow from the Earth in an environmentally responsible way. RCP’s mission is to develop ideas and technologies that will transcend disciplines. To see the future we need to look at the past and see the role Mines has played here in Colorado and around the world – the people that have made Mines great – and those that we educate that will become the leaders of tomorrow," Davis said.

See photos from the event celebration here.


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