Three Mines students named to ASM International boards

Three Mines students in the Advanced Steel Processing and Products Research Center (ASPPRC) have been named student representatives to the boards of ASM International societies.

Mary O’Brien, Jonah Klemm-Toole and Rachael Stewart, all in the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, were chosen as a part of ASM International’s Student Board Member Program.

O’Brien, a master’s and PhD student, was named to the International Metallographic Society board. She is researching the effects of microstructure on hydrogen-induced cracking in pipeline seals for oil and gas applications.

“The International Metallographic Society in particular is interested in the characterization of materials and that is everything I love,” O’Brien said. “I believe that the first step to solving all materials problems is to characterize what the problem is in the first place.”

Klemm-Toole, a PhD candidate, was picked for the Heat Treating Society board. His research involves the development of advanced steels for nitrided transmission gears in order to make them more fatigue-resistant and, potentially, smaller and lighter.

“I’m excited to meet the people who are involved on the board and I’m interested to learn more about what the industry wants from graduating students,” Klemm-Toole said.

Stewart, a master’s student, was chosen to serve on the Failure Analysis Society board this year and was a student representative on the ASM International board last year.

“I felt like my role was very important and I worked hard to make my voice heard,” Stewart said. “I know and see things that others on the board won’t and I’m in touch with a unique part of the member base.”

“Because the ASPPRC is very heavily industrial-focused, I think that lends itself to us being chosen,” Klemm-Toole said.

“There’s a twofold advantage to this role: first, it gives you access to some really great scientific minds and you become closer to these names that you’ve only seen in literature. Second, if you do these extracurricular opportunities, more career options open up,” O’Brien said.

The student board member positions are one-year terms and include board meetings and teleconferences where they will speak on behalf of the student members of those organizations.


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