Mines tops list of RPSEA grant awards

Colorado School of Mines has received a total of nine RPSEA grant awards over the years, or $6.5 million dollars, with another $3 million pending. It is among the top recipients of these awards in the nation (see diagram to the right).

RPSEA stands for Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America, and is a based on the National Energy Policy Act of 2004, which provided some revenues from the sale of oil and gas produced on public lands (mostly in the West and the deep-water Gulf of Mexico) to support a nation-wide competitive grants program for research in relevant engineering, environmental and geoscience disciplines.  Program funds come through the Fossil Energy Program at DOE, and are managed by RPSEA as an independent operational arm of a consortium of industrial companies and research institutions.

About Mines
Colorado School of Mines is a public R1 research university focused on applied science and engineering, producing the talent, knowledge and innovations to serve industry and benefit society – all to create a more prosperous future.