Mines research projects receive commercially aimed funding

GOLDEN, Colo., Feb. 6, 2012 – Three research projects under way at Colorado School of Mines have been chosen to receive special funding aimed at bringing technology to the commercial marketplace, representing a major culture shift toward entrepreneurship within the university’s research community.

The chosen projects are:

1. Next Generation Point-of-Need Analyte Detection and Identification using Novel Lateral Flow Capillary Concentration and SERS – Kent Voorhees, principal investigator

-A method for detecting bacteria such as Listeria

2. Development of Artificial "Cells" for Anti-Cancer Drug Delivery – Hongjun Liang, principal investigator.

-A method for delivering a variety of anti-cancer drugs

3. Electrochemical Extraction of Sodium from Silicon Clathrates – Adele Tambolli, principal investigator.

-Allows for modifications of structures to store hydrogen and other atoms

Financial support comes from the Colorado School of Mines Proof of Concept Fund, $350,000 provided by the Colorado School of Mines Foundation over a three-year period. This money will be used to further these research projects down a commercial pathway with the intent the technology will eventually be licensed to private companies or serve as the basis for start-up companies.
Researchers submitted 14 proposals to an eight-member board of outside entrepreneurs, business leaders and venture capitalists. Each proposal will receive coaching from the Boulder Innovation Center.
“Mines is grateful to the Proof of Concept board for their hard work in making a difficult decision,” said Will Vaughan, director of technology transfer. “We were encouraged by the overwhelming response by Mines researchers to this request for proposal and will work to make sure each proposal has a chance at making it to the marketplace.”
David Tauchen, Public Relations Specialist / 303-273-3088 / DTauchen@mines.edu
Karen Gilbert, Director of Public Relations / 303-273-3541 / KGilbert@mines.edu
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