Mines research on carbon capture featured in Science

A Colorado School of Mines study exploring carbon capture in industry was featured in a September issue of Science magazine.  

Peter Psarras, a postdoctoral research in the Department of Chemical and Biological engineering, published the paper “Carbon Capture and Utilization in the Industrial Sector” in Environmental Science & Technology on August 31 with Stephen Comello, Praveen Bains, Panunya Charoensawadpong, Stefan Reichelstein from Stanford University and Jen Wilcox, associate professor and interim department head of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Mines.

The fabrication and manufacturing processes of industrial commodities including iron, glass and cement account for nearly a quarter of global CO2 emissions. The paper provides a cost analysis for the three major components of the carbon capture supply chain—separation, compression and transport—and explores opportunities for CO2 emission reductions from industrial sources.

Most studies focus on the estimated cost of carbon capture from power generation. Science highlighted the paper’s results that find the overall cost of reducing carbon emission is lower for industrial sources than power generation, specifically in steel and cement manufacturing.


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