Business cards

A simple, contemporary, professional design introduces all members of the Mines community to people around the world. 

The information repeated on all cards includes the school’s full name, tagline, logo and web address. It’s targeted, concise branding in a small space — making the card readable at a glance and providing key contact information while driving the recipient to for more information.

Faculty and staff may order cards from preferred vendors including Alpha Graphics and Golden Printing Company (contact information is at the bottom of the page.)

Letterhead and envelopes

Two choices of Colorado School of Mines stationery, informal and formal, are available.

Informal: When a few pieces of school stationery are needed, templates can be used to quickly print letters and envelopes from a laser printer. These templates are available to the Mines community only:

StationeryPDF versionText only version

EnvelopePDF versionText only version

Formal: For larger quantities of school stationery, formal letterhead and envelopes may be ordered from a list of approved professional printers. Both pieces can be printed on any suitable white, matte-finish paper.

Formal stationary samplePDF versionText only version.

When your supply of formal letterhead and envelopes runs low, contact:

1217 Miner’s Alley
Golden, CO 80401
FAX 303-279-6888
Users will have to create their own login ID and password; the form will show tax, but it will not be included in the invoice--cards are tax-exempt at time of payment.
1120 Kline Street
P.O. Box 150425
Lakewood, CO 80215
FAX 303-233-8453