Mines SPS chapter receives Future Faces of Physics Award

GOLDEN, Colo., March 3, 2014 – The Colorado School of Mines Society of Physics Students (SPS) recently received the Future Faces of Physics Award for $300 from the national SPS and Sigma Pi Sigma chapter. Their proposal promoted physics across cultural divides and promised recruiting and retaining individuals from historically underrepresented groups in physics.

“This award is a new initiative that will enable our SPS students to travel to two rural secondary schools in Colorado that serve underprivileged and underrepresented students that typically do not have a family support structure or history of pursuing a college education,” SPS advisor Chuck Stone said.

SPS Vice President of Outreach Logan Hillberry recognized the award as an honor for the club as their proposal was selected from several chapters across the country.

"We're very excited by the prospect of inspiring the kids who are the future faces of physics," Hillberry said. "Personally, I know it was outreach events like this that ultimately led me down the path of physics, and I strongly believe every child should be given such an opportunity. As such, I truly see it as my duty to spread the passion I have about physics to the next generation of scientists; I'm sure the other officers feel similarly."

Next month, SPS members will not only present physics demonstrations, but discuss the value of higher education and describe careers in engineering and applied science to these students during school assembly sessions, followed by direct one-on-one interactions in smaller classroom settings. 

The Mines SPS group has a history of receiving several awards, including six Outstanding Chapter Awards (2008-2013) and four Marsh White Outreach Awards (2009-2013).



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