Maji Crew wins Trade Fair Championship, Brenda Shelley finishes 1st in Broader Impacts Essay Competition

GOLDEN, Colo., Nov. 22, 2013 – The Maji Crew, sponsored by International Development Enterprises (iDE), won the Trade Fair Championship Thursday, Nov. 21 in George R. Brown Hall. Their project focuses on redesigning the valve and filter for iDE’s existing pressure drip irrigation systems to be more cost effective and easier to use. Some of their design objectives include irrigating a 1,000 square meter field, providing a value to shut off water and a filter that is easy to remove and clean.

Civil environmental engineering professor John McCray, senior research associate Kathryn Lowe and liberal arts and international studies associate professor Juan Lucena are leading six students on the project with support from mechanical engineering professor Jered Dean.

Other winners include mechanical engineering student Brenda Shelly, who finished first in the Broader Impacts Essay Competition. The topic for the essay assignment this year was to highlight specific ethical responsibilities that were significant in a student’s project design. Shelley’s essay emphasized environmental, economic and social impacts relative to the development of an autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle.

The full list of the Maji Crew is listed below.

Maji Crew

  • iDE (client): Ryan Weber and Leslie Light
  • Faculty Advisor: Professor John McCray
  • Technical/Social Context Consultants: Ms. Kathryn Lowe and Mr. Juan Lucena
  • Team Members: McLain Cowan (Mechanical Engineering), Benjamin Fox (Civil Engineering), Michael Fremming (Civil Engineering), John Kuyt (Civil Engineering), Taryn Mantta (Environmental Engineering) and Whitney Welch (Mechanical Engineering)



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