Students put best foot forward at Spring Career Day

Overhead view of Spring 2019 Career Day

Recruiters from more than 230 companies, government agencies and graduate schools descended on the Colorado School of Mines campus Feb. 12 to speak with current students and recent graduates about job opportunities, internships and more. 

Here were some of the faces among the crowd at Spring Career Day flexing their networking muscle and perfecting those elevator pitches: 

Ana Garcia

Ana Garcia

Sophomore majoring in geophysics (May 2021 anticipated graduation date)

What brings you to Spring Career Day? "Getting experience to see how the career fair is this is my first one and also making some connections with companies."

What are your career goals? "I still don't know I would like to use this opportunity to see if graduate school is the best option or if maybe getting some experience in industry is better."



Cameron Bridges

Cameron Bridges

Senior majoring in computational and applied mathematics (December 2019)

What brings you to Spring Career Day? "I come here for the opportunities that the event gives every single student. Most universities don't have such opportunities as Mines and that's why a lot of people come to this school, not only the education but this career fair allows people to transition straight into jobs after graduation."

What are your career goals? "A full-time job. Most of the companies here when they have an internship but hear you're graduating in the fall, they'll say we could definitely transition you into a full-time job - that's exactly what I'm looking for."


Jensen Eicher

Jensen Eicher

First-year transfer student majoring in computer science (May 2021)

What brings you to Spring Career Day? "I came to visit a company that I met at a C-MAPP (Computing-Mines Affiliates Partnership Program) event my professor introduced me to them at C-MAPP and I came to visit them again here. I was just talking about internships with them." 

What are your career goals? "As a CS major, a lot of people are expecting to go into a job and code forever. That's definitely where I don't want to end up I want to end up as some part of management or as a design architect, working on the overarching ideas." 



Skye Kim

Skye Kim

Senior majoring in chemical and biochemical engineering (December 2019)

What brings you to Spring Career Day? "There's one company I really want to work for, so I'm coming to visit them."

What are your career goals? "I want to work in pharmaceuticals and something I'm really interested in is gene therapy. Long term, though, I want to have my own pharma company. I'm going to get my MBA." 




Sierra Fox

Sierra Fox

Master's student in environmental engineering (December 2019)

What brings you to Spring Career Day? "My main goal is an internship for the summer I've been doing a lot of wastewater treatment classes that I've enjoyed and I would like to get some real-world experience to see how it plays out, not just on a piece of paper."

What are your career goals? "When I was growing up, I wanted to become a doctor or a pharmacist, but when I dipped my toe in those areas, I realized it wasn't really for me. Now, I'm thinking more along the lines of public water treatment I've talked to a lot of people who work in that field and it's really rewarding but I've also talked to people who are on the business side and they like that as well. That's what my internship is for, to tease out which of those worlds I want to focus more on."


Julian Liu

Zhijun Julian Liu

PhD candidate and international student in petroleum engineering (By end of 2019)

What brings you to Spring Career Day? "I'm looking for internships  that's the first goal  and my second goal is just trying to make some connections. For a lot of companies, the same people come to the career fair every year and every semester  it's good to build a connection and get to know them personally, just in case a future opportunity arises."

What are your career goals? "I'm expecting to work in a research and development department in an oil and gas company or an R&D department in a service company. Data science is getting really popular  as a petroleum engineer, I'm trying to equip myself with coding skills and programming skills that will put me at a competitive advantage."  


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