Nuclear PhD student wins award for fuel cycle research

Nuclear Engineering PhD student Michael ServisA PhD student in nuclear engineering has been awarded a prize in the Innovations in Fuel Cycle Research Awards, sponsored by the Department of Energy Office of Fuel Cycle Technologies.

Michael Servis’ award-winning research paper, “A Molecular Dynamics Study of Tributyl Phosphate and Diamyl Amyl Phosphonate Self-Aggregation in Dodecane and Octane,” was published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry in February 2016.

The awards program is designed to recognize graduate and undergraduate students for innovative research publications relevant to the nuclear fuel cycle, demonstrate the Department of Energy’s commitment to higher education in fuel cycle-relevant disciplines, and support communication between students and DOE representatives.

The program awarded 17 prizes in 2016. Servis, advised by Chemistry Assistant Professor Jenifer Braley and Chemistry Professor David Wu, was a winner in the competition for students who attend universities with less than $600 million in research and development expenditures in 2014.

Winners receive cash prizes, as well as travel and conference opportunities.

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