Mines appoints director to the WISEM Program

WISEM Director Annette Pilkington

The newly appointed director of the Women in Science, Engineering and Mathematics (WISEM) Program at Colorado School of Mines is working to bolster campus partnerships that will help expand opportunities for students, foster a safe and inclusive environment and assist with the recruitment of more women students.

Annette Pilkington had been serving as the interim director of the program, and was previously program manager of the Diversity and Inclusion Office at Mines.

“I am excited to work with our amazing students as they develop professionally in preparation for the workplace where they will take on the world’s problems,” Pilkington said.

“WISEM is designed to support women on campus,” Pilkington said. “Part of the mission of WISEM is to enhance opportunities for women in engineering and applied science, and to increase the recruitment, retention and graduation of women students.”

Pilkington said she wants to work with the admissions office on recruitment efforts, the Title IX office to help foster a safe and inclusive campus, and other offices across campus to expand opportunities for students.

“I would like to enhance and strengthen partnerships on campus,” Pilkington said.

The WISEM Program was established in 1997 through a grant from the Chevron Corporation and provides programming, training and mentoring to students, faculty and staff.

WISEM programs include Mines collegiate section of the Society for Women Engineers, which is the largest in the U.S.; the Chevron Lecture Series, an annual luncheon that features women leaders in science, engineering and business; and the Halliburton Making the Connection event, which invites young women who have been accepted to Mines to campus to meet other prospective students. Pilkington is also very passionate about the Girls Lead the Way conference, which aims to get high school girls interested in pursuing STEM fields.

“It’s really neat to see high school girls as they are starting to think about college and what they want to do with their lives,” Pilkington said. “They really look up to our student role models.”

Pilkington added that WISEM is “here to support everyone on campus, not just women students. The goal is to help make our campus more inclusive and diverse. Different perspectives and ideas is a benefit and asset [for everyone].”

“Annette’s work with our WISEM program and Society of Women Engineers student section is critical to meeting our goals for the makeup of our campus community and student success, and continuing the advances we have made with respect to the growth in numbers and success of woman at Mines,” said President Paul Johnson.

Pilkington has worked at Mines since 2013. She has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from the University of Northern Iowa and a master’s in curriculum and teaching from Columbia University.

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