Carreón honored by magazine for innovative research work

Moisés Carreón, associate professor of chemical and biological engineering at Colorado School of Mines, was one of 10 successful Mexican personalities in the United States featured in the September 2017 issue of ¡Hola! magazine.

Carreón’s distinguished academic career and outstanding, innovative research earned him a spot on the list. In 2013, Carreón received the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, one of the highest distinctions for early career professionals.

“I feel honored to be part of this list which includes such a great group of talented Mexican born people who have succeeded in their fields,” Carreón said. “It is really great to represent both Mexico and the United States. I feel very proud of my family and my Mexican roots, and am very thankful with the United States for opening me the doors to be here and do what I like most.”

The list also included Major League Baseball pitcher Yovani Gallardo, astronaut José Hernández and broadcast journalist Maria Elena Salinas.

Carreón’s research focuses on the rational design of advanced functional porous materials for applications in molecular gas separations, gas storage, and heterogeneous catalysis. His work tackles highly relevant societal issues relating to energy and the environment such as carbon dioxide capture and utilization, biomass conversion to liquid fuels, and spent nuclear fuel treatment.

The article labeled Carreón a “scientific star of Colorado School of Mines” and said he had discovered the formula for success. It went on to describe Carreón as “an innovator of the highest level … having developed a system that captures polluting gases to convert them into plastic or fuel, which will help reduce global warming, among other benefits for humanity.”

Carreón earned a PhD from the University of Cincinnati and holds MS and BS degrees from Universidad Michoacana, Mexico. He joined Mines in 2014.


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