Cheuvront Commons dedicated to longtime dean of students

Harold Cheuvront, Colorado School of Mines' longtime vice president of student life and dean of students, oversaw major growth and development in athletics and student life over his three decades of service to the Oredigger community.

Among his many accomplishments was the completion of more than $150 million in construction - projects that helped forge the Mines campus into what it is today, including the Clear Creek Athletic Complex, Student Recreation Center and Mines Park. 

Now future generations of Orediggers will be able to learn about his dedication and service to Mines in one of his favorite spots on campus.

The grassy gathering space between the Ben Parker Student Center and the Traditional Residence Halls was officially renamed Cheuvront Commons during a ceremony Nov. 7 attended by many current and former Mines officials, faculty members, staff and students. A plaque honoring his contributions was also unveiled as part of a new memorial and seating area that was built over the summer. 

"Harold Cheuvront believed in Mines' excellence, and he believed that exceptional institutions aspire to excellence in all areas affecting students' lives. His tireless and tenacious efforts to improve Mines' Athletic and Student Life programs and facilities helped create what Mines is today. Those facilities and programs are Harold's legacy, but more than that, Mines is better and stronger because of Harold Cheuvront," the plaque reads.

Cheuvront began his career at Mines in 1976, when he joined the university as registrar. Ten years later, in 1986, he became dean of students, and in 1989, he added the title of vice president of student life, a position he held until 2009. He passed away in 2015.

A tenure of that length, with the success that Cheuvront had, requires an amazing ability to continually adapt to the changing college environment, said Daniel Fox, the current vice president of student life.

"When you think about somebody who was the vice president and dean of students over three decades from the mid-'80s all the way to 2009, I would posit to you that anybody who does that has chops. And by chops I mean they possess flexibility, adaptability, political acumen - in short, they're able to get things done," Fox said. "Harold was able to adapt, change with the times while continually being an ardent supporter of students. That was the No. 1 thing I will always remember about him - his questioning, is this decision good for students? Is this what's best for students? How do we develop programs and hire people who are passionate about these concepts and really want to make a positive difference in students' lives?"

Members of Cheuvront's family were in attendance at the ceremony and helped unveil the new plaque. His wife, Jane, said Harold loved every single minute he spent at Mines.

"He viewed his tenure at Colorado School of Mines as a privilege because of the high standards that are set not only for the students here but also the staff, the faculty and the administrators," Jane Cheuvront said. "He viewed his contributions as necessary for improving the environment of student life in a way that enhanced the high standards of their academics. Harold was a true advocate for students."

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