Celebration honors Kee's career at Mines

Friends, family, colleagues and current and former students from as far away as Saudi Arabia and Germany came together Nov. 11 to celebrate Colorado School of Mines professor Bob Kee.

More than 80 guests gathered at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in honor of Kee’s long career at Mines and his 70th birthday. Guests shared stories, photos and research posters and then toasted Kee and sang “Happy Birthday.”

Kee holds the George R. Brown Distinguished Chair in Mechanical Engineering. His research focuses primarily on the modeling and simulation of chemically reacting fluid flow. Applications are generally in the area of clean energy, including fuel cells, photovoltaics and advanced combustion.

The distinguished guest list included Bob Dibble (KAUST), Linda Petzold (University of California, Santa Barbara), Jim Miller (Argonne National Laboratory), Olaf Deutschmann (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), Uwe Reidel (DLR – Institute of Combustion Technology), Joe Shepherd (CalTech), Scott Barnett (Northwestern University), Wenhua Yang (Shell Global Solutions) and Kevin Walters (EtaGen, Inc.).

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