Mines ranked most secure educational investment in Colorado

Colorado School of Mines has been ranked the most secure educational investment in the state, and 19th in the country, by a website seeking to help recent graduates with their career choices.

Zippia determined the rankings by considering how much each school costs, the risk of defaulting on student loans and how easy they are to pay back, the latter measured by graduates’ median salary at six years.

Mines was listed with a loan default rate of 2.10 percent, a median salary of $66,200 at six years and tuition of $26,090. According to Zippia, latest Higher Education Research Institute freshmen study shows that 82 percent of incoming students selected being “very well off financially” as essential or very important to their college choice,” and that the national student default rate has risen to 11.3 percent.

In April 2017, Zippia ranked Mines as the best college for employment in Colorado and 29th in the nation.