Wilcox featured in The Economist

Jen Wilcox, associate professor of chemical and biological engineering at Colorado School of Mines, was recently interviewed by The Economist for an article on negative-emissions technology. The story, "Greenhouse gases must be scrubbed from the air," was featured on the cover of the Nov. 18 edition of the international news magazine.

From the story:

According to Jennifer Wilcox of the Colorado School of Mines, and her colleagues, the technology with the second-highest theoretical potential, after BECCS, is direct air capture (see chart 2). This uses CCS-like technology on the open air, rather than on exhaust gases. The problem is that the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air, while very high by historical standards, is very low by chemical-engineering ones: just 0.04%, as opposed to the 10% or more offered by power-plant chimneys and industrial processes such as cement-making.