Tom Williams featured in Denver Post article about personal robots

An article in The Denver Post about a Boulder-based startup's new personal robot featured an interview with Tom Williams, assistant professor of computer science at Colorado School of Mines. Williams' research focuses on artificial intelligence for human-robot interaction.

From the story:

But the day when a Rosie is in every home is not close, said Tom Williams, an assistant professor of computer science at the Colorado School of Mines.

“Part of the problem is that there has been a lot of progress in related areas that trick us into thinking that Rosie is right around the corner,” said Williams, who attended a Misty Robotics hackathon with students last month and felt Misty is a step forward. “Look at Siri, Alexa or Google Now. These have advanced natural language processing capabilities. Surely, we should be able to translate that into robots and achieve Rosie the robot. But the problem is that when you move into a robotics domain, you move in the physical world.”