Spear facilitated work on new climate change report

A new joint report, "Microbes and Climate Change" from the American Society for Micobiology (ASM) and the American Geophysical Union (AGU) explores how microorganisms have both changed and been changed by the climate throughout Earth's past. John Spear, professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Mines, facillitated the work of the authoring committee for the report, which was the output of a one-day research colloquium. The report was recently featured on the ASM's news website, EOS.

From the story: 

The 24-page report provides a primer on biogeochemical processes and climate change, then addresses impacts in three areas: terrestrial polar regions; soil, agriculture, and freshwater; and oceans. The report also explores ecological communities of microogranisms (i.e., microbiomes), effects of climate change on these communities, and how they adapt. The report is written for public audiences, including policy makers, educators, and science-interested students, as well as scientists.