Mooney interviewed by The Washington Post

Mike Mooney, director of the Center for Underground Construction and Tunneling and Grewcock University Endowed Chair and Professor, was recently interviewed by The Washington Post about billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk's plans to build a high-speed transportation tunnel between Baltimore and Washington, D.C. Maryland's Department of Transportation has given conditional approval to the tunnel's construction.

From the story:

"The idea of digging a long tunnel — it’s roughly 35 miles from Penn Station to Union Station, though the actual route hasn’t been revealed — is not far-fetched, said Mike Mooney, a tunneling professor at the Colorado School of Mines.

'This is not outside the realm. It’s conceivable, certainly,' Mooney said.

'Is it a big project? Sure,' he added. But that’s by U.S. standards, where five miles is considered the high end. 'It’s not a big project globally.'

Technology has dramatically improved tunneling, and in vast Chinese cities, or in Qatar’s capital Doha, subways, road tunnels and other projects might hit 50 or even 100 miles of digging within a five-year span, Mooney said."