Mines professor featured by Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Colorado School of Mines Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Professor Zhenzhen Yu was featured by Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the largest US Department of Energy science and energy laboratory. Yu's research is using neutrons at HFIR’s NRSF2 to investigate residual stresses expected to occur in the welds of offshore underwater wind turbine foundations.

From the article:

“The hybrid laser-arc welding technique introduces a more focused heat source that allows us to mitigate residual stress,” said Yu. “In the ocean, saltwater eventually creates corrosion, and if you have high degrees of tensile residual stress, the faster corrosion occurs and the greater the likelihood of fractures or cracks propagating through welded regions.”

Neutrons provide an extraordinarily detailed picture of how the atoms are behaving deep inside the welds, comparing residual stresses from both the submerged arc and hybrid laser-arc samples. The neutron measurements show any changes in residual stress as Andreassen and Yu increase the steel plate sample sizes from 10 to 20, 40 and 60 millimeters thick.