Ethics Bowl participant Hannah Grover interviewed by CPR

Senior Hannah Grover, a member of the Mines 2017 Ethics Bowl team, was interviewed by Ryan Warner of Colorado Matters, a daily interview show on Colorado Public Radio. The interview explored topics such as, "Can a bartender refuse to serve a pregnant woman?" and, "Should colleges pay their student athletes?"

From the interview:

"It's a little bit different from debate in that you're not really given a 'for' or 'against'. You come in and you're given a much more open-ended question, and you form whatever argument and best response to that question."


"Yes, oftentimes we might come to similar sorts of conclusions but it's like, "Did you consider this angle?" or, "What about how this affects this party or this stakeholder?"


"I think that ethics is probably underconsidered in science and engineering—it's very important and very relevant, and I hope to see more ethics folded into science and engineering education."

Grover and the rest of the team will go on to compete in the National Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl on Feb. 26 in Dallas, TX.

Listen to the full interview from CPR here.