Denver Post features Mines Hyperloop II team

Team Diggerloop, the Colorado School of Mines Hyperloop II team which recently advanced to the final competition weekend, was featured in the Denver Post. 

From the story: 

"Traveling on a tubular track in a speedy pod that can get from Denver to Vail in under 8-1/2 minutes is still a pipe dream. But for a team of 14 students at Colorado School of Mines, it’s a senior project that just took a big step toward reality.

The students, known as Team DiggerLoop, designed a pod that was named one of 23 finalists Friday for the Hyperloop pod competition sponsored by SpaceX, whose founder, Elon Musk, popularized this futuristic mode of transportation.

All the students have to do now is raise $70,000 to turn their computer calculations into a working pod and get it to the SpaceX headquarters for a Hyperloop speed test in August."