Computer science program featured in The Denver Post

Colorado School of Mines' computer science program was recently featured on the front page of The Denver Post. Department Head Tracy Camp and freshman James Schreiner were interviewed for the article, which focused on the surge in computer science enrollments in Colorado and across the country. 

From the story:

"And it’s not just students with computer science-related majors who are filling up college classrooms. Students studying other fields are looking to hone their digital skills to compete in a technology-driven world.

That’s why Colorado School of Mines computer science professor Tracy Camp believes this is not a mere trend that will flame out with the next fluctuation of the economy.

'Everyone in our community feels this is something different from previous trends,' Camp said. 'Computing skills have become ubiquitous in our society. Just about every engineering and science discipline needs computer skills and now they are enrolling in our classes.' "