Camp discusses surge in student demand for computer science courses with The New York Times

Tracy Camp, professor and head of the Computer Science Department at Colorado School of Mines, was recently interviewed by The New York Times about the national surge in student demand for computer science courses and how universities are dealing with the crunch.

From the article:

Some schools are trying to create more hospitable conditions. Both Harvey Mudd and the University of Washington in Seattle offer introductory computing courses intended to attract students with or without computing experience.

Likewise, Tracy Camp, head of the computer science department at the Colorado School of Mines — a public university where the number of computer science majors has more than doubled in recent years — said she was determined not to put in deterrents like capping the major. Instead, she said, class sizes had sharply increased.

“I don’t want to tell a student already at Mines, ‘You can’t major in computer science,’” Professor Camp said.