Brune discusses mine safety regulations with Casper Star-Tribune

Jurgen Brune, professor of practice and director of Edgar Experimental Mine research at Colorado School of Mines, was recently interviewed by the Casper Star-Tribune about mine safety regulations. A Wyoming coal mine was cited with a state safety violation earlier this month in connection with the death of a miner last year. 

From the article:

A mining expert from the Colorado School of Mines, who was not a part of the investigation team, said regulators do not have much flexibility in terms of citing violations of the rules. If they see something, they have to note it, said Jurgen Brune, director of the Edgar Experimental Mine research for the Colorado School of Mines.

There is also pressure in circumstances where someone was gravely or mortally injured.

“The state probably feels like they have to cite the company for something, because ultimately the company failed to protect the employee,” he explained.