Bazilian interviewed by Financial Times about corporate purchasing of renewable electricity

Morgan Bazilian, executive director of the Payne Institute for Earth Resources and research professor of public policy at Colorado School of Mines, was recently featured in a Financial Times article about Facebook's plan to buy renewable energy to cover 100 percent of its electricity use by the end of 2020.

From the article:

Morgan Bazilian of the Colorado School of Mines was, along with Mr Brandt of Stanford, one of 22 leading energy academics who co-authored a paper last year arguing that policymakers “should treat with caution any visions of a rapid, reliable, and low-cost transition” to a 100 per cent renewable energy system.

Mr Bazilian said there was value in corporate leadership providing “a simple, compelling narrative to shareholders and the public” about the potential of renewable energy. However, he added, the statements from companies “should likely be couched in more specific terms around the scale of challenges”.