"Adam was enthralled by our school and our campus." Mines professor talks to The Denver Post about 3-D printed Iron Man suit

The Sunday, June 9 edition of The Denver Post featured a story on how a Colorado School of Mines professor and his students helped Adam Savage 3-D print a real-life Iron Man suit for his new TV show, "Savage Builds."

Craig Brice, director of the advanced manufacturing program at Mines, spoke with Post reporter John Wenzel for the article. "Savage Builds" premieres with the Iron Man episode on June 14 at 8 p.m. MT (10 p.m. ET) on the Discovery Channel. Check out the promo here: https://youtu.be/_Fh6ElUkgtw.

From the article:

We caught up with Brice, who helped lead the heroic build at the Golden-based engineering school, about what they could (and couldn’t) do to create an actual Iron Man. The series, and the Iron Man segment, premieres at 8 p.m. June 14.

Q: Are you a Marvel or Iron Man fan?

A: I have to confess that I don’t follow the movies and I haven’t seen any of the Iron Man shows. I actually let this slip when the film crew was there and they made me repeat it on camera, so I felt kind of bad. At some point I’ll have to rectify that.

Q: How did they get in touch with you?

A: It was pretty much serendipity. The campus hosted Adam for a homecoming lecture in September, and as he was touring around he came through our facility. One of my colleagues, professor Aaron Stebner, showed him through the labs. (Savage) was interested, but we figured that was the last we’d hear of him. Well, a few weeks later his production folks reached out to Aaron and said, “Hey, we have a new show coming up focused on 3D engineering, and in one of the episodes we want to print a 3D suit out of titanium. We want to do it at Mines.” I’ve been doing this for 20 years now and it fits right into my background, so right away I said “yes” without thinking about what that meant in terms of work, or how it’d all come together.