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Associate professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering Department
Dr. Herring’s energy research has a particular emphasis on renewable energy. He focuses on electrochemical and photoelectrical engineering and thermochemical conversion of hydrocarbons.
William K. Coors Distinguished Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering Department
Dr. Dean’s research focuses on the quantitative kinetic characterization of reaction networks in a variety of systems including those that occur in high-temperature solid oxide fuel cells, the combustion of fossil and renewable fuels, and the...
Associate professor, Division of Engineering; Director, Colorado Fuel Cell Center
Dr. Sullivan’s research focuses on experimentation and numerical simulation of heat transfer, fluid mechanics, transport phenomena and combustion processes found in solid-oxide fuel cell systems and materials manufacturing operations.
Assistant professor, Division of Engineering
Dr. Braun’s primary research interest is in solid-oxide fuel cell systems modeling, simulation and optimization; biofuels production, utilization and plant simulation; advanced power generation systems and techno-economic and life cycle analyses.
Professor, George R. Brown Chair, Division of Engineering
Dr. Kee’s research is in the modeling and simulation of thermal and chemically reacting flow processes, with applications to combustion, electrochemistry and materials manufacturing.
Associate professor, George S. Ansell Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department
Dr. O’Hayre is researching a variety of new materials for use in alternative energy conversion technologies including fuel cells, electrocatalysts, membranes for hydrogen separation, and conductive coatings for solar cells. He is a 2009 recipient of...