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John Dorgan
Professor, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Dr. Dorgan’s expertise is in polymeric materials with a particular emphasis on bioplastics -– plastics made from renewable resources. Other areas of research include rheology of fracturing fluids, polymeric detector materials, and membrane...
Professor, Department of Chemistry and Geochemistry
Dr. Voorhees’ research focuses on two major areas: rapid bacterial identification and biofuels characterization. He has developed an instrumental technique for detecting atmospheric bacteria, a device that could quickly detect bio-terror agents in...
Matt Posewitz
Dr. Posewitz’s research group studies the diverse portfolio of bioenergy carriers that can be obtained from algae, which includes hydrogen, lipids for transformation into diesel fuel surrogates and starch and sugars for conversion into alcohols,...
Assistant professor, Division of Engineering
Dr. Braun’s primary research interest is in solid-oxide fuel cell systems modeling, simulation and optimization; biofuels production, utilization and plant simulation; advanced power generation systems and techno-economic and life cycle analyses.