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Bill Eustes
Associate professor, Petroleum Engineering Department
Dr. Eustes researches and teaches a variety of drilling related topics. He is a registered professional engineer and has 34 years of drilling, completion, workover, and production engineering and operations experience. During nine of those years he...
Assistant professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering; Co-director of the Center for Hydrate Research
Dr. Sum’s research is focused on natural gas hydrates, molecular simulations, and membrane biophysics.
Associate professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering Department
Dr. Herring’s energy research has a particular emphasis on renewable energy. He focuses on electrochemical and photoelectrical engineering and thermochemical conversion of hydrocarbons.
Research associate professor, Mechanical Engineering Department; Director, Center for Space Resources
Dr. Abbud-Madrid is interested in the human and robotic exploration of space and the utilization of its resources for space and terrestrial applications. He has developed a spacecraft fire suppression system for use in the International Space...
William K. Coors Distinguished Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering Department
Dr. Dean’s research focuses on the quantitative kinetic characterization of reaction networks in a variety of systems including those that occur in high-temperature solid oxide fuel cells, the combustion of fossil and renewable fuels, and the...
Associate professor, Division of Engineering; Director, Computational Biomechanics Group
Dr. Petrella is director of the Computational Biomechanics Group at Mines. The CBG is working to help improve the quality of life for patients who suffer from musculo-skeletal conditions through the application of biomechanical simulation. Areas of...
Dobelman Distinguished Chair and Professor Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Dr. Elsherbeni's expertise is in the scattering and diffraction of electromagnetic (EM) waves; computational EM using the finite –difference time-domain (FDTD) method; field visualization and software development for EM education; radio...
Professor, Harry D. Campbell Chair, Petroleum Engineering Department; Director of the Unconventional Natural Gas and Oil Institute
Dr. Tutuncu’s interest areas include rock-fluid interactions, integrated borehole stability, geomechanics, reservoir characterization and formation damage detection and removal.
Barbara Moskal
Professor, Applied Mathematics and Statistics; Director of the Trefny Institute for Educational Innovation; Director of the Center for Assessment of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
Dr. Moskal’s research is focused on K-12 outreach, measurement and evaluation in education, and science technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education initiatives. She also serves as education director for ReNUWIt: The Urban Water...
Professor, Division of Liberal Arts and International Studies; Director of the Hennebach Program for the Humanities
Dr. Mitcham is an interdisciplinarian with a background in philosophy. His primary research and teaching is in the philosophy and ethics of science, technology, and engineering, and in the interdisciplinary field of science, technology and society...